Saturday, April 25, 2009

New Site

We are now open:) We are also still a work in progress. But, come on over!
Do not forget to update your links.

Give A Way

Lil Handmades by Mamabliss: Curvy Wurvy Clutch Giveaway

You should go and check this out, I want to win this thing. So, maybe you ought not to go and check it out. K?

Thursday, April 23, 2009

I Do.

Ya know, I do better when I have a menu going for each week. I do better when I make it ahead for the month and print it out. I do much better if I make a grocery list using what is in the pantry and then shopping as needed for my menu, which was created using the stuff I already had on hand.
I did much better when I did not have a tv. Now the children "hurry" to get their tv time in. I will do much better when DH finds a job so he is not home during our school time. Even though I do love having him home with us, it does make for a long day. Thankfully he has been out of the house lately helping some friends. Plus looking for work. He is so awesome.
I do much better when I think before I speak. I also do better when I think before I act. 
I do much better when I think before I even write, or else you would have had a nicer, more thought out post, then this one:)

I do much better when I pray before I begin my day. I also do much better when I read my bible before I also start my day. Yesterday reminded me of that.
I do think I like blogging.

Guess What?

We are going to have our own domain name! Mrs Bees Blog. So, watch for the switch coming soon.

Thoughtful Thursday

If you are a mom, then you MUST see this!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I HEART Faces Entry.....

These were done pretty quick, but fun.
Here is my kid's entry
This is my Adult Entry.
You can too play along or even just take a gander at the other entries. Just click the above button. It will take you there. 
Someone with wax, give me a call. Seriously.