Thursday, March 5, 2009


I talked about my daughter's Baptism. Here are the photo's from there.
I am also going to give a short testimony about it.

Casey thought she had gotten saved a couple of years ago. I really thought she was saved as well. She had a transformation from the old girl to a new girl. She was so different. She was more obedient to her father and I. She read her bible more, she was just good.
Then one Sunday morning, Valerie from church gave a small testimony about her salvation. She had thought she was saved. She had the knowledge. It was all in her head. She knew Christ, but she did not KNOW Christ in her heart. Casey realized that she shared the same testimony. Casey agonized over her salvation almost the entire week.  She was not 100% sure that if she were to die she would have a home in Heaven. She was scared. She talked with our Pastor, as well as the myself and her dad all week.
That Thursday evening after dinner, after she had talked with pastor and he gave her a great faith based analogy about a chair. She realized she too had just had the head knowledge of Christ. She had Him in her head, but not in her heart. That night, she and I read in our bibles and prayed. She accepted Christ in her heart.
     The next step after salvation is Baptism. Baptism is not salvation. Baptism will not save you. It is an obedience step that Christians should take after their salvation. Casey took that step. The water was not even room temp, it was chilly. As Pastor stated, it was clingy. LOL. 

The above photo's are from her Baptism, Valerie and Jessica also had their Baptisms. Jessica was the smart one, she went first. She got to dry off with a dry towel. Casey was last and had a wet one to dry off with. Only one of them brought a towel. Casey.

If you do not know Christ as your personal Savior, and want to know how to know him, leave a comment. If you are not 100% sure that you are going to heaven, again leave a comment.


  1. See, I don't know that anyone can know 100% if they are going. They may think they are 100% sure and then not realize that their faith isn't true. I'm not explaining it very well. Sorry.

  2. The bible tells us that we can know for sure, 100% sure that we are going to heaven. I will work on a post and we can chat about it.

  3. Casey looks so joyful! Praise the Lord for her decision for Jesus!

  4. I do not know my bible nearly well enough so I do question if I am 100% sure I am going.

    What if one never gets baptized before they die? This is something I worry over as I haven't yet.

    I also have another question. In Mat 6:15 it says "But if ye forgive not men their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses"

    Something terrible happend to me many years ago that I have not been able to forgive the person for... I worry I'm putting my salvation in jeopardy by not being able to forgive this person.

  5. Moria, Baptism has nothing to do with Salvation, Nothing what so ever, the thief on the cross was not baptized yet, he went to Heaven with our Lord.
    There are those that have never read their bibles before they are saved.. Yet, they are saved. It is a free gift from God. I do think the last thing you really need to search your heart on, I may do a post on forgiveness soon. Forgiveness is hard to do when we have been wronged. We have all gone through something, or have had something done to us that we think might be unforgivable, yet, I know our GREAT God forgives even the lowly of us. Once we do ask for forgiveness, the deed is done and over and forgotten about as far as the east is from the west. Forgiving someone for whatever deed they did to us would give you such peace. I urge you seek the Lord on this on your knees. Really pray about it, if you want to talk more about this, let me know, I would be glad to chat with you.

    I wrote a post about Salvation, actually copied and pasted.

  6. Praise the Lord, I have to agree with Quasi. Casey is just Beaming Jesus!!!! Please give that precious girl a big hug from Grammy Goo!
    Thank you Jesus for Casey's commitment to you.
    Hugs, GG

  7. I heard so many different things on baptism growing up - yes its needed, no it isn't - I thank you for helping clear up my confusion.

    I would love to read a post of yours on forgiveness. After 25 years, I can say to myself, "I forgive you ____" but I know its false as I don't feel it inside. But at least it is one step closer than I used to be.

    My gmail and yahoo are Moirakris, you can add me if you like