Tuesday, March 3, 2009


My friends that know me well, know that I am in love with taking pictures.  My favorite thing to take photo's of are my children, and then anything outside my window goes. I really love taking photo's of any parks we enter into, wildlife, and scenic things such as sunsets and sun rises. I *heart* my camera.  I have a rebel XSi, or know outside of the US as the Canon 450d.
It takes amazing photo's when the handler (me) actually pays attention to what she is doing. 
If God created it, I want to photograph it. So, outside of photo's of my family, I will do my best to upload them here for you to enjoy or critic if you want! 
I do not have any for you today, I have a ton of my children, including the recent baptism of my daughter the Princess, but those will have to await! For those that read and did not know, my daughter recently realized she was not saved and so therefore she did get saved and therefore got baptized.

Well tis all

Mrs. Bee

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  1. oh my... how precious that the princess has gotten saved and baptized!! bless her dear little heart, and give her a hug from me
    loveya hon