Monday, March 16, 2009


I love to shop, I really do. Shopping is SO fun. Want to know where my favorite shopping place is?
No, it is not the Bon Ton, or Macy's or even Old Navy. It comes even ahead of Salvation Army and Garage Sales.  
They also have clothes that fit me! 
It is Katie's Mercantile.
Katie and her mom Cindy are the neatest people. I *heart* them. I really do! Are their clothing modern? No. Are they beautiful? Yes!  Are they comfortable? YES! Are they modest? YES!!! I have several jumpers from Katie's Mercantile. I also have a slip and a nightgown and a couple of dresses.  I love them all. 
Coming up is their Semi-Annual get together. I finally went to the one in the Fall and it was beautiful! They have a beautiful home. Well Cindy does, not sure about Katie. I bet she has a nice home too.
If you are in the area of where they live and want to come, just give them a call. Their number is on their webpage. That is over ---> on my side bar. So check it on out! 


  1. I make a lot of my own clothes , i wish i had someone near me (not just online ) that made and sold simple clothing.

  2. What a very neat site. I LOVE the little girl and baby stuff!

  3. Ya know Heather, I thought of Evie when I was there this past spring! Your Apron I made, is patterned after their "favorite Apron" with a few minor adjustments.

  4. I get comments all.the.time. on my beautiful apron!!! I still LOVE it!

  5. I know me either!!! I get to be a kitchen helper:)