Saturday, March 7, 2009

My Husband!

My husband is my best friend. My friend Vicky encouraged me to write about my darling. My husband is a jack of all trades. He can do just about anything that he puts his mind to. We have a wonderful relationship. We work together to make  our marriage work. He has been home for a few months now due to unemployment. He helps me around the house and he helps me do the children's schooling. If someone were to call, he goes and helps them as well.  He loves to work and he hates to sit. 
I love my husband more then anything outside of my love affair with God. He loves God and lives to serve Him. He is my all and all and God gave him to me.
Thank you Vicky!


  1. Awww, what a great pic of you two! Y'al look so happy, Mrs. Bee! :)

  2. It is wonderful to see you look so happy Mrs Bee. Thanking Jesus.
    Hugs, GG

  3. What a beautiful picture. I agree you look positively glowing my dear!
    Man, I wish I had your skin.

  4. Thank you, that is an OLD photo! It's about 4-5 years old. I was wearing jeans (gasp) HEHE!! Thank you for the comments:) It is one of my favorites of us.