Wednesday, March 4, 2009

On a Search and Other Things

I am on a search for a downloadable KJV (has to be the KJV) bible program for my computer. E-sword was my favorite, however that will just not work on my computer. See, I have a Mac. I knew when I got the thing, finding programs would not be an easy thing. I am great with that and all.... Of course till I went searching to find a downloadable bible program. Sure I can use websites, but just not the same if you know what I mean..... So if you have a Mac and have a desktop FREE bible thingy, leave me a comment!!

Now on to the other thing. I am a photoaholic, Feel sorry for my precious children, I tell ya.

 They bear the brunt of the addiction. I have said, I was not going to post photo's of my children. I LOVE to show off my precious gifts from God. They are so cheeky and cute!

 So, I am going break my own newish rule. I *heart* my children.  Who can blame me? God is awesome! 


  1. Very nice pictures! So clear and crisp!

  2. Have you tried this one