Monday, March 23, 2009

My Princess

This is my princess, she is 4 years old. We have had since was 12 weeks old.

She is my baby... She does not always look so groomed, usually Casey and I groom the dogs. We felt bad for her, so we took her to a beauty salon (for dogs) and got her all spiffied up.. Our next monster goes soon. He is our beast.
She is the same one in the video that I have posed on here.


  1. my gracious! what a precious little lady she is♥

  2. I had a toy poodle for 16 years and was so lost without him, I had to get another one. This one is supposed to be a poodle but has straight hair. No matter. He's precious. They all are. Love your little lady! She almost stole the show on that delightful video.